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Clubfoot is when babies are born with one foot or both feet pointing down and in; their toes point toward the opposite leg. This happens because the tissues that connect muscles to bone (called tendons) in your baby’s leg and foot are shorter than usual. We do not know why children have club feet.

What problems does clubfoot cause?

Clubfoot isn’t painful, and it doesn’t bother a baby until they begin to stand and walk. Clubfoot does not get better on its own; if it is not treated, children may have problems walking properly.

Your doctor or nurse may be able to tell before your baby is born that they will have a problem, by doing an x-ray or ultrasound.

How is clubfoot treated?

A doctor with special training in bone conditions called an orthopaedic surgeon will help you understand what needs to be done to care for your child. This may mean that your baby has to go to hospital for an operation at some time.

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