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Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

The Special Care Baby Unit is a 10 cot unit which cares for unwell term babies or premature babies > 32 weeks gestation.


To provide the highest standard of care ensuring the best start possible for all babies.

Creating partnerships with families through education, excellent communication and strong advocacy for babies and their whānau.

Babies < 32 weeks gestation will be transferred to Auckland prior to or after being born.

Babies can be admitted from delivery suite, operating theatre, following home birth or from the district hospitals.

SCBU is supported by a designated paediatrician; the nursing team work rostered 8 or 12 hour shifts.

The day to day running is supported by a clinical nurse manager, associate clinical nurse manager and a clinical nurse educator.

The SCBU team does retrieval by road or by air from the district hospitals as the need arises.

The team also repatriates babies which have previously transferred  to Auckland.

Babies are either placed on a heat table, in an incubator or a heated or normal cot.

Towards discharge from SCBU mums usually room in with their baby until they are comfortable with all required cares. 


Level 1, Whangārei Hospital

Ph: 09 430 4100 ext 8425

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