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National Perinatal Pathology Service

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Who is involved with the National Perinatal Pathology Service?

Perinatal Pathologists: Perinatal pathologists are Doctors who have trained in anatomical pathology (study organs and tissues to help determine the cause and effect of diseases) and specialised in perinatal pathology. The perinatal pathologist performs the post-mortem examination on the baby/babies.

Mortuary Technicians: Mortuary technicians assist the perinatal pathologist with the post-mortem process. This can include liaising with whānau, transporting a baby to the examination, preparing the required paperwork, and preparing a baby to be returned to their whānau.

Service Leadership and Administration: The National Perinatal Pathology Service is led and administered through the Auckland District Health Board. There is a Service Delivery Team, and a National Clinical Network that oversees the implementation of the service Action plan.

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