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Monte Cecilia Housing Trust offers a range of housing services that supports low income families to find affordable and appropriate housing as well as preparing them to sustain their own home.

Providing strength-based & culturally appropriate case management for families in crisis.

The Trust offers a continuum of service:

  1. Initial contact is made through their Social Work Team in Māngere (0800 624 848).
  2. Services range from housing advice and referral, advocacy for sustainable housing, together with a limited range of housing available in Trust properties.
  3. Additionally they run supportive housing programmes based in Māngere, Ōtāhuhu and Takanini, one of which is a communal environment. All of these programmes ask for participation in and commitment to the programme.  Families join the programme over a number of weeks whilst working toward their sustainable housing goal. Monte Cecilia does not provide temporary “same day” housing for short periods.
  4. The Trust also has a number of high quality rental properties where families reside for a short term period (from 12 to 36 months) whilst working toward sustainable housing.

The Trust has found that when families are supported through a housing crisis and a sustainable housing solution is established, their home environment becomes stable.  Many succeed in developing positive connections to and relationships with local communities, for example, through local schools, churches or employment.

Their service delivery model enables low income families with a serious housing need to have access to safe and affordable emergency housing for a period of 12 weeks.  During this period, families contribute to a savings programme, attend a financial capability course, develop skills in household management and benefit from comprehensive family support services. Families stabilise their living situation, overcome their immediate challenges and can make plans for their future.

The supportive housing programme assists families in transitioning towards an independent housing solution, usually either a state house or private sector rental.  By the time families have completed the programme they have enough savings to cover the expenses entailed in moving into another home, such as the bond and rent in advance.  Families have also developed other essential resources required for independent family living such as family vision, savings discipline, and job prospects and so on.

Monte Cecilia's overall aim is to ensure a successful transition to independent housing so that families can better determine their own futures.


Child / Tamariki, Youth / Rangatahi, Adult / Pakeke

How do I access this service?

Make an appointment, Referral, Walk in


When coming into our transitional housing you are expected to pay 25% of your income toward the payment of the accommodation.


Mon – Fri8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Public Holidays: Closed Queen's Birthday (6 Jun), Matariki (24 Jun), Labour Day (24 Oct), Auckland Anniversary (30 Jan), Waitangi Day (6 Feb), Good Friday (7 Apr), Easter Sunday (9 Apr), Easter Monday (10 Apr), ANZAC Day (25 Apr).

Languages Spoken

English, Samoan, Tongan

Services Provided


We provide support with housing issues to families with the end goal of achieving sustainable housing. 

Basic needs

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Housing

Cultural support

  • Pacific Island people

We have Samoan and Tongan speaking staff available.

Education and training

  • Life skills

We can provide you with the necessary skills and information to maintain a tenancy.

Social work

Our registered social workers provide support for families.


  • Parenting education
  • Parent wellbeing

Where appropriate we will support families in their parenting and the parents' wellbeing with the view that the best way to support a child is to support their parents. 

Supporting financial independence

When families come into our transitional houses we expect that they will attend and complete a Financial Capabilities course. 


South Auckland, West Auckland

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