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Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Health is the government department that looks after health and disability in New Zealand. It advises the Government on matters to do with health and disability, makes sure that laws and regulations are followed, sets up and pays for support services (e.g. immunisation programmes) and provides information to healthcare providers and the public (e.g. meningococcal education programme).

The Ministry of Health is divided into the following groups:

  • Policy
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Chief Nurse
  • Māori Health
  • Sector Capability and Implementation
  • National Health Board
  • Corporate Services

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In each part of New Zealand, healthcare services are provided and funded by the local District Health Board (DHB). Each DHB makes decisions about healthcare services in their part of the country, based on the specific needs of individuals and communities in that area. For more information on DHBs, click here:

If you want to find out more about the Ministry of Health, including information on some of their programmes such as Smokefree, meningococcal B immunisation, breast cancer screening and cervical cancer screening, please click here: