Unsure what health service you need?

Tirohia te reo Māori

In a medical emergency:

For urgent medical attention dial 111 for an ambulance.

In a mental health emergency:

If you are seriously concerned about a person’s immediate safety:

Other contacts that offer information & support:

For non-urgent medical care:

If you are unwell and it is not an emergency you should contact your general practice at any time of day. They will direct you to your nearest available medical care.. Fees are lower if you are enrolled with a practice.


If you are pregnant you need to choose a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC).

Other healthcare:

Click on the following link and scroll down to "Select a service" for other healthcare services.

After-hours care:

Phone your general practice (GP) and a nurse will direct you to the appropriate service.
For a list of Accident & Medical clinics click here

Free phone advice:

Getting the right care from the right place:

Click on the following link for an infographic prepared by Auckland DHB

How to find health services near you on Healthpoint:

This video will guide you through simple steps to find healthcare services near to you and around your physical location. This search displays all healthcare services within close proximity or that you may be eligible for in the region of your search. Included are tips and features to help you refine your search to identify the various services offering support for the specific conditions or needs that you have.

How to find healthcare services near you from Healthpoint on Vimeo.


How to find health service information on Healthpoint:

This video will guide you through simple steps to find a healthcare service. Using the main search facility on the Healthpoint site, healthcare service results will match to the words or phrases you type.

How to find healthcare service information from Healthpoint on Vimeo.


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