How much does it cost to get a prescription filled?

The prescription charge for most subsidised medication is $5 although this can vary, especially if your prescription is from a private specialist or dentist and you don’t have a subsidy card. Prescriptions for children under 13 years old are free during business hours.  After hours (after 6pm, weekends and public holidays), while some pharmacies are funded to fill prescriptions for free for children under 13 years, others may charge for this service. To find out which pharmacies provide this service for free click here. Also if your medication is not funded or fully subsidised, there may be an additional cost. Once you and your families have collected 20 new prescription items in a year, you can get a Prescription Subsidy Card, which means you won’t have to pay any more prescription charges until 1 February the following year (the year starts February 1st and ends January 31st ).