What is an exemption card and when it is due?

There are a number of different health subsidy cards.

  • A Prescription Subsidy Card (PSC). This card is for any family who have had prescriptions for 20 newly prescribed medications filled within a 12 month period. This does not include prescriptions that are free. Once you and your families have collected 20 new prescription items in a year (starting February 1st and ending January 31st of each year) , you can get a Prescription Subsidy Card, which means you won’t have to pay any more prescription charges until 1 February the following year. Your pharmacy will keep count of your prescriptions and you can apply for this card through your pharmacy or your GP.
  • A Community Services Card (CSC). This card may lower the cost of a prescription or GP visit. You can apply for a card through Work and Income.
  • A High Use Health Card (HUHC). This card is for people who have visited their GP more than 12 times in the last 12 months for ongoing health problems. It lowers the cost of GP visits and prescriptions. You can apply for this card through your doctor.
  • The SuperGold Card. This card is for New Zealand residents aged 65 or over and if you have a CSC your detail from there can be loaded onto your SuperGold card so that you only need one card.