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At ADHB we are committed to utilising resources in the most effective way as we strive for improved health outcomes.  We have a 'whole system' approach which sees our focus on the community, with education and prevention to help protect our population in healthy lifestyles, to managing people in the community with chronic conditions through to very specialised hospital care.  This provides a rewarding environment to staff complemented by extensive research and learning opportunities that are supported and encouraged by the organisation.

The DHB is funded on a population-based funding formula that is based on where people were living on census night. Adjustments are made for age, ethnicity and also for the amount of specialist work provided to people outside the area.

Hospital and related services owned by the Auckland DHB receive approximately 76 percent of the budget.  Sixty percent of this revenue is associated with staff costs, approximately 20 percent is related to treatment costs, with the remainder linked to equipment, capital, depreciation and administration.

Twenty four percent of total revenue is associated with non hospital services, the bulk of which is made up from Primary Health Organisations, pharmaceuticals and laboratory residential services for older people and for people with a mental illness.  There are a number of Kaupapa services run by and for Māori and similar culturally based services for Pacific people.  Dental services and palliative care are also provided in the community under contract to the DHB. 

ADHB Hospital and Community Services

Auckland City Hospital
(Acute medical and surgical services)

Greenlane Clinical Centre
(Community, ambulatory & mental health services)

  • children and young people's service
  • women's health
  • surgical services
  • cardiothoracic
  • clinical support
  • medical services
  • laboratory
  • radiology
  • mental health
  • rheumatology
  • pain services
  • sexual health
  • diabetes management
  • dermatology
  • oral health
  • immunology
  • audiology
  • allied health
  • mental health


Auckland Regional Public Health Service is owned by the ADHB but provided for the whole region.  This is funded directly by the Ministry of Health.


ADHB Other Providers
  • Primary Health Organisations, GP services and nursing services
  • Community-based health services
  • Kaupapa Māori services
  • Pacific health services
  • Laboratories
  • Community based pharmacies
  • Dental health services
  • Midwives/maternity services
  • Residential care for mental health
  • Rest homes
  • Palliative care


Auckland DHB Website

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Quality Account

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First Floor
Building 10
Gate 1
Greenlane Clinical Centre
214 Green Lane West
Epsom, Auckland

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First Floor
Building 10
Gate 1
Greenlane Clinical Centre
214 Green Lane West
Epsom, Auckland

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Private Bag 92 024
Auckland Mail Centre
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